Scalp Acupuncture and Clinical Cases

Scalp Acupuncture and Clinical Cases
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Language English
Publisher Foreign Languages Press
Year Published 1997
Author Jiao Shunfa

Scalp acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy used to treat the hemiplegia, numbness of limbs and aphasia caused by cerebral thrombosis, cerebral haemorrhage or cerebral embolism through stimulating related parts of the scalp corresponding to the cerebral cortex with acupuncture needles. It is effective, simple, convenient and inexpensive.

Cerebral thrombosis, cerebral haemorrhage and cerebral embolism are all disorders of the brain. They pose great threats to people's health. For years, medical workers throughout the world have worked hard in the attempt to find effective cures for them. Scalp acupuncture, developed and improved by Dr. Jiao Shunfa, a Chinese specialist of acupuncture, through many years of research and clinical practice and by combining the knowledge of modem anatomy and the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, perhaps can be taken as an effective method for these cerebral disorders.

In this book, written by Dr. Jiao, the principles and techniques of scalp acupuncture are systemically discussed along with typical case reports to illustrate the therapeutic effect of the therapy.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Stimulating areas

Chapter 2: Techniques of acupuncture and observation on needling sensation
Section 1: Techniques of acupuncture
Section 2: Observation on responses to needling stimulation
Section 3: Observation on the Law of Appearance of needling sensation
Section 4: Observation of changes in body temperature in patients who feel hot during acupuncture treatment
Section 5: Aqueous acupuncture and acupressure

Chapter 3: Clinical Practice
Section 1: Diseases of nervous system
Section 2: Medical Diseases
Section 3: External Diseases
Section 4: Diseases of Ear

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