The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor

The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor
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Pages 301
Language English
Publisher Foreign Languages Press
Year Published 2001
Author Zhu Ming

The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di Nei Jing) is the oldest extant classic of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Compiled roughly two thousand years ago, this great masterpiece forms the theoretical basis of (TCM). As TCM's history developed over the millennia, nearly all significant medical works benefited from the enlightenment of this unparalleled book. Covering not only medicine but also philosophy, sociology, anthropology, military strategy, mathematics, astronomy, meteorology, ecology, The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor demonstrates that even in ancient times, people accomplished scientific achievements that are applicable, relevant. and innovative even in modern times.

About the Author

Born at Huaihua of Hunan province, China in 1968, Mr. Zhu Ming graduated from Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practicing TCM ever since. His clinical focus is on the treatment of difficult and chronic diseases, influenced by his father's long clinical experience. This is Dr. Zhu's first translation of a classic TCM text into English

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