Happy Time:Chinese for children-Phonetics (Book &CD Set)

Happy Time:Chinese for children-Phonetics (Book &CD Set)
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ISBN 7301078765
Level Beginner
Size 7X9.5 IN
Pages 56
Language Chinese/Pinyin/English
Publisher Peking University Press
Year Published 2005
Author Dong Linli

Happy Time:Chinese for children-Phonetics. For the elementary Chinese learning, studentsí phonetics(Chinese alphabet) is considered as the basis. It helps to remember the pronunciation and recognition of characters. Happy Time: Phonetics is designed for abroad children, age 0-6 who are learning Chinese. It adopts many phonetically teaching methods, and creates a new method which combines organically consonants, words, sentences and children songs, hence to make the phonetics-studying process more meaningful and interesting to kids. Moreover, the whole book advances in difficult levels, therefore children could master Phonetics easily and happily. Happy Time series consist of three books: Phonetics, Verses and Conversation. Their companions CDs are available.

This order is for book, Happy Time: Chinese for Children-Phonetics and its companion CD together.

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