Happy Chinese/Kuaile Hanyu Vol.2: Student's Book

Happy Chinese/Kuaile Hanyu Vol.2: Student's Book
Item# 7107171275
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Weight 1.00 lbs
ISBN 7107171275
Level Beginner
Size 8.5x11 IN
Pages 118
Language Chinese/Pinyin/English
Publisher People's Education Press
Year Published 2004
Author Li Xiaoqi

Happy Chinese or KuaiLe HanYu is a complete learning program specifically created for teaching beginning Chinese to students 6 years old and above. The program includes three levels. Each studentís book has 24 lessons grouped into eight units. Each level contains a student's text book, audio CDs, workbook and teacher's hand book. The text's colorful illustrations add meaningful context to words and situations to make each lesson appealing to young students. In simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English. Great for young students, age 6 and up, to learn Chinese as a foreign language from the beginners level.


1. My Friends and Me

2. My Family

3. Shopping

4. School Life

5. Environment and Health

6. Fashion and Entertainment

7. Media

8. Travel and Customs

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