Happy Chinese/Kuaile Hanyu Vol.1: Instructor's Manual

Happy Chinese/Kuaile Hanyu Vol.1: Instructor's Manual
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Weight 1.00 lbs
ISBN 7107171313
Level Beginner
Size 8.5x11 IN
Pages 134
Language Chinese/Pinyin/English
Publisher People's Education Press
Year Published 2004
Author Li Xiaoqi

There are three teacherís hand books for Happy Chinese/Kuaile Hanyu.

Each teacherís hand book contains: (1) The steps and methods in teaching, and the keys to the exercises; (2) Expansion and elaboration on the teaching materials; (3) Notes on the language points; (4) Notes on cultural background; (5) Test questions for each unit; (6) Chinese character cards for characters that students are required to write out, with instructions on pronunciation and the order of the strokes.

This order is for Teacher's hand book Volume one only.

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