The Essentials of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

The Essentials of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
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Author Liu Ganzhong

The Essentials of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine's authors are all leading specialists in traditional Chinese medicine. This book is in two parts - the general introduction and separate explanations. This first part briefly summarizes the history and sources of Chinese herbal medicine, the methods of processing them, their properties, pharmacology and rules for clinical practice. The second part mainly introduces, in detail, nearly 200 commonly used Chinese herbs and their prescriptions, and patent drugs. It als explains the provenance, appearance, methods of processing, properties, efficacy, functions, pharmacology and clinical application of the drugs. Containing 180 colored illustration, this book can play the role of a guide for the application of traditional Chinese drugs.

Traditional Chinese Materia Medica (TCMM) is an important integral part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The items of TCMM increased steadily through the daily practice of ancient people in their search for food, long before the formation of the theory of TCM. The theory of TCMM was, however, formed under the guidance of TCM theory, gradually becoming sophisticated and comprehensive. TCMM treatment is a very important part of TCM practice.



1. Exterior Syndrome Relieving Drugs (Diaphoretics)

1.1 The following pharmacological actions of ESR drugs have been proved by modern research

1.2 Pungent-warm ESR Drugs

1.2.1 Mahuang (Herba Ephedrae,Mahuang)

1.2.2 Guizhi (Ramulus Cinnamomi,Guizhi)

1.2.3 Perilla Leaf (Folium Perillae,Zisuye)

1.2.4 Schizonepeta Herb (Herba Schizonepetae,Jingjie)

1.2.5 Saposhnikovia Root (Radix Saposhnikoviae,Fangfeng)

1.3 Pungent-cool ESR Drugs

1.3.1 Field Mint (Herba Menthae,Bohe)

1.3.2 Mulberry Leaf (Folium Mori,Sangye)

1.3.3 Chrysanthemum (Flos Chrysanthemi,Juhua)

1.3.4 Kudzuvine Root (Radix Puerariae,Gegen)

1.3.5 Thorowax Root (Radix Bupleuri,Chaihu)

1.4 Patent Drugs and Compound Prescriptions

1.4.1 Minor Green Dragon Mixture or Instant Granules (Xiao Qinglong Heji, Chongji)

1.4.2 Pill (or Instant Granules) of Nine Drugs Including Notopterygium (Jiuwei Qianghuo Wan or Chongji)

1.4.3 Decoction (or Tablets, Pill and Syrup) of Mulberry Leaf and Chrysanthemum Flower (Sangju Yin or Pian, Wan and Tangjiang)

1.4.4 Detoxicating Pill of Lonicera and Forsythia or Tablet (Yin Qiao Jiedu Wan or Pian)

1.4.5 Heat Clearing Instant Granules for Common Cold (Ganmao Qingre Chongji)

1.4.6 Antipyretic Instant Granules for Common Cold (Ganmao Tuire Chongji)

2. Heat Clearing Drugs

2.1 Pharmacological Actions of Heat Clearing Drugs

2.2 Intense Internal Hear Clearing Drugs

2.2.1 Gypsum (Gypsum Fibrosum, Shigao)

2.2.2 Anemarrhena Tuber (Rhizome Anemarrhenae, Zhimu)

2.2.3 Cape-Jasmine Fruit (Fructus Gardenia, Zhizi)

2.2.4 Selfheal Spike (Spica Prunellae Xiakucao)

2.3 Heat and Dampness Eliminating Drugs

2.3.1 Goldenthread Tuber (Rhizome Coptidis, Huanglian)

2.3.2 Amur Cork-tree Bark (Cortex Phellodendri, Huangbo)

2.3.3 Skullcap Root (Radix Scutellariae, Huangqin)

2.3.4 Shrubby Sophora Root (Radix Sophorae Flavescentis, Kushen)

2.3.5 Gentian Root (Radix Gentianae, Longdan)

2.4 Heat Clearing and Blood-cooling Drugs

2.4.1 Rehmannia Root (Radix Rehmanniae, Dihuang)

2.4.2 Tree-peony Bark (Cortex Moutan Radicis, Mudanpi)

2.4.3 Arnebia or Gromwell Root (Radix Arnebiae seu Lithospermi, Zicao)

2.5 Heat Clearing and Detoxicating Drugs

2.5.1 Honeysuckle Flower (Flos Lonicerae,Jinyinhua)

2.5.2 Forsythia Fruit (Fructus Forsythiae, Lianqiao)

2.5.3 Ox Gallstone (Calculus Bovis,Niuhuang)

2.5.4 Woad Leaf (Folium Isatidis,Daqingye)

2.5.5 Woad Root (Radix Isatidis,Banlangen)

2.5.6 Natural Indigo (Indigo Naturalis,Qingdai)

2.5.7 Green Chiretta (Herba Andrographis,Chuanxinlian)

2.5.8 Fishwort herb (Herba Houttuyniae,Yuxingcao)

2.6 Deficient Heat Clearing Drugs

2.6.1 Sweet Wormwood (Herba Artemisiae Annuae,Qinghao)

2.6.2 Wolfberry Bark (Cortex Lycii Radicis,Digupi)

2.6.3 Snakegourd Root (Radix Trichosanthis,Tianhuafen)

2.7 Patent Pill for Detoxification (Niuhuang Jiedu Wan)

2.7.1 Bezoard Pill for Detoxification (Niuhuang Jiedu Wan)

2.7.2 Pill of Rhinoceros Horn and Rehmannia (Xijiao Dihuang Wan)

2.7.3 Antipyretic and antitoxic Decoction (Qingwen Baidu Yin)

2.7.4 Tablet (or Pill,Powder,Decoction or Solution for Injection) of Three Yellow Drugs (Sanhuang Pian)

2.7.5 Miraculous Pill of Six Ingredients (Liushen Wan)

2.7.6 Purple Gold Pill (Zijin Ding)

2.7.7 Pill for Restoration of Clear Voice (Qingyin Wan)

2.7.8 Rhinoceros Horn and Rehmannia Root Pill (Xihuang Wan)

2.7.9 Pills to Promote Discharge of Dark Urine (Daochi Wan)

2.7.10 Pills to Gentiana for Purging Liver Fire (Longdan Xiegan Wan)

2.7.11 Coptis and Evodia Fruit Pill (Zuojin Wan)

2.7.12 Aucklandia and Coptidis Pill (Xianglian Wan)

2.7.13 Six to One Powder (Liuyi San)

2.7.14 Pill for Sore Throat (Houzheng Wan)

2.7.15 Green Chiretta Tablet (Chuanxinlian Pian)

2.7.16 Instant Granuless of Isatis Root (Banlangen Chongji)

2.7.17 Compound Fishwort Tablet (Fufang Yuxingcao Pian)

2.7.18 Bezoard Pill for Clearing Heat in the Upper Energizer (Niuhuang Shangqing Wan)

3. Cathartic Drugs

3.1 Purgative Drugs

3.1.1 Rhubarb (Radix et Rhizoma Rhei,Dahuang)

3.1.2 Soudium Sulfate (Natril Sulfas,Mangxiao)

3.2 Mild Purgative Drug

3.2.1 Hemp Seed (Fructus Cannabis,Huomaren)

3.3 Drastic Purgative Drugs

3.3.1 Kansui Root (Radix Euphorbiae Kansui,Gansui)

3.3.2 Kaoxia Root (Radix Euphorbiae Pekinensis,Radix Knoxiae,Daji)

3.3.3 Genkwa Flower (Flos Genkwa,Yuanhua)

3.3.4 Pokeberry Root (Radix Phytolaccae,Shanglu)

3.4 Patent Drug

3.4.1 Hemp Seed Pill (Maren Wan,Yuepi Maren Wan or Maren Zipi Wan)

4. Anti-Rheumaticdrugs

4.1 Pharmacological Actions

4.2 Individual Anti-rheumatic Drugs

4.2.1 Pubescent Angelica Root (Radix Angelica Pubescentis,Duhuo)

4.2.2 Tetrandra Root (Radix Stephaniae, Radix Aritolochiae, Fangji)

4.2.3 Large-leaf Gentian Root (Radix Gentianae Macrophyllae, Qinjiu)

4.2.4 Clematis Root (Radix Clematidis,Weilingxian)

4.2.5 Acanthopanax Bark )Cortex Acanthopanacis,Wujiapi)

4.2.6 Tripterygium (Ramus Tripterygii, Leigongteng)

4.2.7 Siegesbeckia Herb (Herba Siegesbeckiae, Xijiancao)

4.2.8 White Banded Krait (Agkistrodon Acutus,Baihuashe)

5. Aromatic Dampness Resolving Drugs

5.1 Pharmacological Actions

5.2 Individual Drugs

5.2.1 Magnolia Bark (Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis, Houpo)

5.2.2 Giant-hyssop (Herba Pogostemonis, Herba Agastachis,Huoxiang)

5.2.3 Atractylodes Tuber (Rhizoma Atractylodis, Cangzhu)

6. Diuretic Drugs (Water Discharging and Dampness Eliminating Drugs)

6.1 Pharmacological Actions

6.2 Individual Drugs

6.2.1 Poria (Poria coccos,Fuling)

6.2.2 Umbellate Polypore (Polyporus Umbellatus,Zhuling)

6.2.3 Alisma Tuber (Rhizoma Alismatis, Zexie)

6.2.4 Oriental Wormwood (Herba Artemisiae Scopariae,Yinchen)

6.2.5 Chinese Lobelia (Herba Lobeliae Sinensis, Banbianlian)

6.2.6 Loosestrife (Herba Lysimachiae,Jinqiancao)

6.3 Patent Drugs and Compound Prescriptions

6.3.1 Pill of Two Wonderful Drugs (Ermiao Wan)

6.3.2 Pill of Four Wonderful Drugs (Simiao Wan)

6.3.3 Siegesbeckia Pill (Xijian Wan)

6.3.4 Siegesbeckia and Glorybower Leaf Pill (Xitong Wan)

6.3.5 Pills of Agastachis for Restoring Health (Huoxiang Zhengqi Wan)

7. Interior Warming Drugs

7.1 Pharmacological Actions

7.2 Individual Drugs

7.2.1 Prepared Aconite Side Root (Radix Aconite Lateralis Praeparata,Fuzi)

7.2.2 Wild Ginger (Herba Asari,Xixin)

7.2.3 Cassia Bark (Cortex Cinnamomi,Rougui)

7.2.4 Dry Ginger (Rhizoma Zingiberis,Ganjiang)

7.2.5 Evodia Fruit (Fructus Foeniculi,Wuzhuyu)

7.2.6 Prickly-ash Peel (Pericarpium Zanthoxyli,Huajiao)

7.2.7 Fennel Fruit (Fructus Foeniculi,Xiaohuixiang)

7.3 Patent Drugs and Compound Prescriptions

7.3.1 Pill for Adjusting the Middle Energizer (Lizhong Wan)

7.3.2 Pill with Aconite Root for Adjusting the Middle Energizer (Fuzi Lizhong Wan)

7.3.3 Minor Decoction for Rehabilitating the Middle Energizer (Xiaojianzhong Tang)

7.3.4 Decoction for Resuscitation (Sini Tang)

7.3.5 Solution of Ginseng and Aconite Side Root for Injection (Shenfu Zhusheye)

7.3.6 Pill for Activating Yang (Yanghe Wan)

8. Qi Adjusting Drugs

8.1 Pharmacological Actions

8.1.1 Actions on the Digestive System

8.2 Individual Drugs

8.2.1 Immature Bitter Orange (Fructus Aurantii Immaturus,Zhishi)

8.2.2 Immature Tangerine Peel (Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae,Immaturus,Qingpi)

8.2.3 Tangerine Peel (Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae,Chenpi)

8.2.4 Flatsedge Tuber (Rhizoma Cyperi,Xiangfu)

8.2.5 Costus Root (Radix Aucklandiae,Muxiang)

8.3 Drugs and Compound Prescripitions

8.3.1 Pill for Relieving Stagnation (Yueju Wan)

8.3.2 Carminative Pill of Aucklandia (Muxiang Shunqi Wan)

8.3.3 Pill of Six Noble Ingredients with Cyperus and Amomum (Xiangsha Liujun Wan)

8.3.4 Powder of Thorowax Root for Dispersing the Liver (Chaihu Shugan San)

8.3.5 Ease Powder (Xiaoyao San)

9. Digestant Drugs

9.1 Pharmcological Actions

9.2 Individual Drugs

9.2.1 Hawthorn Fruit (Fructus Crataegi,Shanzha)

9.2.2 Germinated Wheat (Fructus Hordei Germinatus,Maiya)

9.2.3 Lining of Chicken Gizzard (Endothelium Corneum Gigeriae,Jinejin)

9.2.4 Radish Seed (Semen Raphani,Laifuzi)

9.3 Drugs and Compound Prescriptions

9.3.1 Lenitive Pill (Baohe Wan)

9.3.2 Large Hawthorn Fruit Pill (Da Shanzha Wan)

9.3.3 Stomachic Pill with Cyperus and Amomum (Xiangsha Yangwei Wan)

9.3.4 Pill of Immature Bitter Orange for Release of Stagnation (Zhishi Daozhi Wan)

9.3.5 Pill for Expanding the Chest and Releasing Stagnation of Qi (Kaixiong Shunqi Wan)

9.3.6 Pill of Costus Root and Tangerine Peel for Children (Xiaoer Xiangju Wan)

9.3.7 Pill of Immature Bitter Orange and Bighead Atractylodes Tuber (Zhizhu Wan)

10. Paraste Expelling (Anthelmintic) Drugs

10.1 Individual Drugs

10.1.1 Quisqualis (Fructus Quisqualis,Shijunzi)

10.1.2 Chinaberry Bark (Cortex Meliae,Kulianpi)

10.1.3 Areca Nut or Betel Nut (Semen Arecae,Binglang)

10.1.4 Pumpkin Seeds (Semen Cucurbitae Moschatae,Nangguazi)

10.1.5 Omphalia (Omphalia,Leiwan)

10.1.6 Shield-fern (Rhizoma Dryopteris Crassirhizomae,Mianma Guanzhong)

10.2 Drugs and Compound Prescriptions

10.2.2 Chubby Child Pill (Fei'er Wan)

11. Hemostatic Drugs

11.1 Pharmacological Actions

11.2 Individual Drugs

11.2.1 Notoginseng Root (Radix Notoginseng,Sanqi)

11.2.2 Cat-tail Pollen (Pollen Typhae,Puhuang)

11.2.3 Madder Root (Radix Rubliae,Qiancao)

11.2.4 Japanese Thistle (Herba et Radix Cirsii Japonici,Daji)

11.2.5 Filed Thistle (Herba Cirisii, Xiaoji)

11.2.6 Burnet Root (Radix Sanguisorbiae,Huaihua)

11.2.7 Pagodatree Flower (Flos Sophorae,Baiji)

11.2.8 Bletilla Tuber (Rhizoma Bletillae,Baiji)

11.2.9 Agrimony (Herba Agrimoniae,Xianhecao)

11.2.10 Argyi Leaf (Folium Artemisiae Argyi,Aiye)

11.2.11 Arborvitae Top (Cacumen Platycladi,Ceboye)

12. Blood circulation Promoting And Blood Stasis Removing Drugs

12.1 Pharmacological Actions

12.2 Blood Circulation Adjusting Drugs

12.2.1 Red Sage Root (Radix Salviae Miltiorhizae,Dansheng)153

12.2.2 Spatholobus Stem (Caulis Spatholobi, Jixueteng)

12.2.3 Red Peony Root (Radix Paeoniae Rubra,Chishao)

12.3 Blood Circulation Promoting Drugs

12.3.1 Sichuan Lovage (Rhizoma Ligustici,Chuanxiong)

12.3.2 Safflower (Flos Carthami,Honghua)

12.3.3 Motherwort (Herba Leonuri,Yimucao)

12.3.4 Tumeric Root (Radix Curcumae, Yujin)

12.3.5 Corydalis Tuber (Rhizoma Corydalis,Yanhusuo)

12.4 Blood Stasis Removing Drugs

12.4.1 Leech (Hirudo, Shuizhi)

12.4.2 Zedoary Tumeric (Rhizoma Curcumae Zedoariae, Eshu)

12.4.3 Bur-reed Tuber (Rhizoma Sparganii,Sanleng)

12.4.4 Peach Kernel (Semen Persicae,Taoren)

12.4.5 Dragonis Blood (Sanguis Draxonis,Xuejie)

12.5 Patent Drugs and Compound Presriptions

12.5.1 Yunnan White Powder (Yunnan Baiyao)

12.5.2 Blood Stasis Removing Pill (Xuefu Zhuyu Wan)

12.5.3 Black Chicken and White Phoenix Pill Solution forral Administration (Wuji Baifeng Wan or Koufu Ye)

12.5.4 Menses Warming Decoction (Wenjing Tang)

12.5.5 Hua Tuois Restorative Pills (Hua Tuo Zaizao Wan)

12.5.6 Pils (or No.2 Solution for Injection) for Coronary Heart Disease (Guanxin Pian or Guanxin Erhao Zhusheye)

12.5.7 Compound Red Sage Root Pill (Fufang Danshen Pian)

12.5.8 Red Sage Root Solution for Injection (Danshen Zhusheye)

12.5.9 Motherwort Liquid Extract (Yimucao Liujingao)

12.5.10 Prompt Heart-rescuing Pill (Suxiao Jiuxin Wan)

12.5.11 Sudden Smile Powder (Shixiao San)

13. Expectorant Antitussive and Anti-asthmatic Drugs

13.1 Pharmacological Actions

13.2 Expectorant Drugs

13.2.1 Pinellia Tuber (Rhizoma Pinelliae,Banxia)

13.2.2 Jack-in-the-pulpit Tuber (Rhizoma Arisaematis,Tiannanxing)

13.2.3 Balloonflower Root (Radix Platycodi,Jiegeng)

13.2.4 Fritillary Bulb (Bulbus Fritillariae, Beimu)

13.2.5 Coltsfoot Flower (Flos Farfarae,Kuandonghua)

13.2.6 Fieldcress (Herba Rorippae,Hancai)

13.2.7 Daurian Rohodidendron Leaf (Folium Rhododendri Daurici,Manshanhong)

13.3 Antitussuve and Anti-asthmatic Drugs

13.3.1 Apricot Kernel (Semen Armeniacae Amarum,Xingren)

13.3.2 Stemona Root (Radix Stemonae,Baibu)

13.3.3 Loquot Leaf (Folium Eriobotryae,Pipaye)

13.3.4 Japanese Ardisia Herb (Herba Ardisiae Japonicae, Aidicha)

13.4 Patent Drugs and Compound Prescriptions

13.4.1 Decoction (Pill) of Two Old Drugs (Erchen Tang or Wan)

13.4.2 Lung Heat Clearing Antelope Pill (Lingyang Qingfei Wan)

13.4.3 Relief of Coughing and Asthma (Xiao Kechuan)

13.4.4 Asthma Relieving Pill (Dingchuanning Pian)

13.4.5 Loquot Leaf Antitussive Syrup (Pipa Zhike Tangjiang)

13.4.6 Snake Gallbladder and Sichuan Fritillary Bulb Powder or Solution for Oral Administration (Shedan Chuanbei San or Koufuye)

14. Tranquilizing Drugs

14.1 Pharmacological Actions

14.2 Individual Drugs

14.2.1 Spiny Jujube Seed (Semen Ziziphi Spinosae,Suanzaoren)

14.2.2 Milkwort Root (Radix Polygalae,Yuanzhi)

14.2.3 Arborvirae Seed (Semen Platycladi,Baiziren)

14.3 Patent Drugs and Compound Presctiptions

14.3.1 Tianwang Cardiotonic Pill (Tianwang Buxin Dan)

14.3.2 Amber Sleeping Pill (Hupo Duomei Wan)

14.3.3 Nao Ling Su Pian (a tablet for tranquilizing mind and improving mental activity)

15. Liver Subduing and Wind Calming Drugs

15.1 Pharmacologival Actions

15.2 Individual Drugs

15.2.1 Gastrodia Tuber (Rhizoma Gastrodiae, Tianma)

15.2.2 Hooked Uncaria (Ramulus Uncariae cum Uncis,Gouteng)

15.2.3 Antelope Horn (Cornu Saigae Tataricae,Lingyangjiao)

15.3 Clinical Application

15.4 Earthworm (Lumbricus,Dilong)

15.4.4 Pharmacological Actions

15.4.5 Clinical Application

15.5 Patent Drugs and Compound Prescriptions

15.5.1 Tea-blended Ligusticum Powder (Chuanxiong Chatiao San)

15.5.2 Gastrodia Pill (Tianma Wan)

15.5.3 Major Collateral Circulation Activating Pill (Dahuoluo Dan or Wan)

15.5.4 Minor Collateral Circulation Activating Pill (Xiaohuoluo Dan or Wan)

15.5.5 Amber Dragon-embracing Pill (Hubo Baolong Wan)

16. Resusciation Inducing Drugs

16.1 Pharmacological Actions

16.2 Individual Drugs

16.2.1 Musk (Moschus,Shexiang)

16.2.2 Borneol (Borneolum,Bingpian)

16.2.3 Grass-leafed Sweetflag Tuber (Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowill,Shichangpu)

16.2.4 Liquid Styrax (Styrax Liquidus,Suhexiang)

16.3 Patent Drugs

16.3.1 Qingkailing Solution for Injection

16.3.2 Styrax Borned Droplet Pill (Subing Diwan)

17. Efficiency Supplementing Drugs (Tonics)

17.1 Pharmacological Actions

17.2 Qi Replenishing Drugs

17.2.1 Ginseng Root (Radix Ginseng, Renshen)

17.2.2 Asiabell Root (Radix Codonopsis,Dangshen)

17.2.3 Bighead Atractylodes Tuber (Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae,Baizhu)

17.2.4 Milkvetch Root (Radix Astragali seu Hedysari,Huangqi)

17.2.5 Licorice (Radix Glycyrrhizae,Gancao)

17.3 Blood Replenishing Drugs

17.3.1 Prepared Rehmannia (Radix Rehmanniae Praeparata,Shudihuang)

17.3.2 Fleeceflower Root (Radix Polygoni Multiflori,Heshouwu)

17.3.3 White Peony Root (Radix Paeoniae Alba,Baishao)

17.3.4 Ass-hide Glue (Colla Corii Asini,Ejiao)

17.3.5 Angelica Root (Radix Angelica Sinensis,Danggui)

17.4 Yang Replenishing Drugs

17.4.1 Hairy Deerhorn (Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum,Lurong)

17.4.2 Epimedium Herb (Herba Epimedii,Yinyanghuo)

17.4.3 Scurtpea Fruit (Fructus Psoraleae, Buguzhi)

17.4.4 Chinses Caterpillar Fungus (Cordyceps,Dongchong Xiacao)

17.5 Yin Replenishing Drugs

17.5.1 Ladybell Root (Radix Adenophorae,Nanshashen) and Glehnia Root (Radix Glehniae,Beishashen)

17.5.2 Lilyturf Root (Radix Ophiopogonis,Maidong)

17.5.3 Solomonseal Tuber (Rhizoma Polygonati,Huangjing)

17.5.4 Wolfberry Fruit (Fructus Lycii,Gouqizi)

17.5.5 Glossy Privet Fruit (Fructus Ligustri Lucidi,Nuzhenzi)

17.6 Patent Drugs and Compound Prescriptions

17.6.1 Ginseng,Poria and Bighead Atractylodes Powder (Shenling Baizhu San)

17.6.2 Middle-energizer Nourishing and Qi Replenishing Pill (Buzhong Yiqi Wan)

17.6.3 Pulse Activating Powder and Solution for Injection or Oral Administration (Shengmai San,Zhusheye or Koufuye)

17.6.4 (Ginseng) Spleen Invigorating Pill (Renshen Guipi Wan)

17.6.5 Pill (or Syrup,Paste,Alcohol Extract or Oral Solution) of Ten Powerful Toni (Shiquan Dabu Wan)

17.6.6 Pill for Restoring Kidney Qi from the Prescriptions of the Golen Chamber (Jingui Shenqi Wan)

17.6.7 Pill for Five Seeds for Improving Reproduction (Wuzi Yanzong Wan)

17.6.8 Pill of Six Drugs Including Rehmannia (Liuwei Dihuang Wan)

17.6.9 Pill of Six Drugs Including Rehannia,Wolfberry and Chrysanthemum (Qiju Dihuang Wan)

17.6.10 Dendrobium Pill for Improving the Eyesight (Shihu Yeguang Wan)

17.6.11 Jade-screen Powder (Yu Pingfeng San)

18. Astringent Drugs

18.1 Pharmacological Actions

18.2 Individual Drugs

18.2.1 Magnoliavine Fruit (Fructus Schisandrae,Wuweizi)

18.2.2 Chinese Gall (Galla Chinensis,Wubeizi)

18.2.3 Cherokee Rose-hip (Fructus Rosae Laevigatae,Jinyingzi)

18.2.4 Myrobalans Fruit (Fructus Chebulae,Kezirou)

18.2.5 Black Plum (Fructus Mume,Wumei)

18.3 Patent Drugs and Compound Prescriptions

18.3.1 Oyster Shell Powder (Muli San)

18.3.2 Heaven,Man and Earth Pill to Retain Marrow (Sancai Fengsui Dan or Wan)

18.3.3 Urination Reducing Pill (Suoquan Wan)

19. Emetic Drugs

20.2.1 Alum (Alumen or Alunite,Mingfan)

20.2.2 Camphor (Camphora,Zhangnao)

20.2.3 Borax (Pengsha)

20.2.4 Talcum (Huashi)

20.2.5 Calamine (Luganshi)

20.2.6 Chinese Blistering Beetle (Mylabris,Banmao)

20.3 Patent Drugs and Compound Prescriptions

20.3.1 Tin-like Powder (Xilei San)

20.3.2 Golden Powder for Alleviation (Ruyi Jinhuang San)

20.3.3 Wild Chrysanthemum Suppository (Yejuhua Shuan)


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