My Mini Radical Dictionary

My Mini Radical Dictionary
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ISBN 7561913664
Level All
Size 8x11 IN
Pages 38
Language Chinese/Pinyin/English
Publisher Beijing Language & Culture University Press
Year Published 2004
Author Da shiping

The book designed to introduce Chinese characters. It presents 122 of the most common Chinese radicals--building blocks of Chinese characters--in a creative format that makes remembering and writing them easy. Each radical is introduced with its original meaning, a color picture related to its meaning, and 1-2 characters containing the radical. Radicals are grouped into four categories:human-related, nature-related, man-made related and others. You can fill in each blank with a new word that you have learned according to the radical. Your do-it-yourself mini radical dictionary compilation is not only a record of your unique Chinese learning process but a better and faster way to understand Chinese characters. Book Includes an index of radicals.

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