Cupping-Chinese Massage DVD

Cupping-Chinese Massage DVD
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ISBN 7-88518-409-9/ISRC: CN-F28-06-0045-0/V.G2
Level All
Size 5x8
Length 66 min
Language Chinese soundtrack with English,Chinese subtitles
Publisher Guangzhou Beauty Culture Communication Co.Ltd
Year Published 2006
Region All-Region (color) NTSC format

Cupping is a special treatment of Chinese traditional treasures of medicines. Cupping is very popular of its virtues of its simplicity, low charges, convenient handling, effective clinic treatment, obvious health care and no toxic side effect.

Through the use of cups, Cupping makes the skin congest, blood stagnate and blister by adsorbing the cups on the positives owing to the negative intensity of pressure caused by removing the air in the cups through burning or taking the air out, thus motivates the function of the channel, meridians or vessels in the cupping points and makes the blood and breath vigorous so as to serve the purpose of protecting and curing diseases.

Chinese Massage DVD series includes 8 DVD Discs in 8 separate boxes. Each deals with a specific subject in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine:
1. Naprapathy
2. Handís Massag
3. Thenar Massage
4. Headís Massag
5. Acupuncture
6. Scrape Therapy
7. Cupping
8. Ear Massage

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