Chen-style Taiji Single sword DVD

Chen-style Taiji Single sword DVD
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ISBN CNM239630400
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Size 5x8
Length 70 min
Language Chinese soundtrack with English subtitles
Publisher Guangzhou Beauty Culture Communication Co.Ltd
Year Published 2006
Region All-Region (color) NTSC format

The single sword is one of the short weapons of Taiji Quan. It has 49 forms, which are reasonable in arrangement and compact in cohesion. Techniques mainly include stab, chop, upper cut, parry, point, slice, upper block, sweep, cross cut, thrust and push. The player should move his body smoothly, steadily and quickly, applying his force hard or soft, closely following his opponent, dodging or tossing as the case may be. Chen-syle Taiji Swordplay can be characterized as continuous and round movement of the sword with the whole body, quick change of attack and withdrawal, hard or soft application of forces. Exercise requirements: the player should move smoothly and roundly as cloud flying and water flowing, and apply his force suddenly as a lion shaking his hair.

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